Office365: Calendar Sharing on Outlook for Mac 2016

How to share your calendar with another person on WSU's Office 365 on an Apple Mac device through the Outlook local application.

1. Click on the calendar icon on the bottom left of Outlook.

Putlook Calendar Icon

2. Click the calendar permissions icon close to the top of Outlook's calendar page.

Calendar Permissions Button

3. Click on 'Add User...' on the Calendar properties window.

Calendar Properties Window

4. Enter the name of the WSU Office 365 account that you would like to share your calendar with.

5. Click Add after selecting the name.

Sharing Calendar to a Contact

*If you are not familiar with the privileges of each permission level, please skip step 6 below and continue to step 7.
6. Select the check-boxes to customize the read, write, delete and other privileges of the account.

Click OK to Share

* It is important to note that Outlook for Mac is limited in assigning privileges.  The least amount of privileges that can be assigned are the privileges of a Reviewer.  Nonediting Author, Author, Publishing Author, and all other selections above Reviewer may be selected and used without an issue.  Contributor and Free/Busy Only selections will not properly function. This is a known issue that Microsoft is yet to resolve.  If you require sharing privelidges that are not available on Outlook for Mac, please search the Knowedge Base for instructions on how to share calendars on the Office 365 web application or web app.

7. Select a permission level from the Permission Level drop-down.

Permissions Levels

8. Click OK on the bottom right of the calendar properties window to save your changes.

Permissions Toggle

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