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Blackboard: How to Make An Announcement

A quick tutorial on how to do announcements in your Blackboard

Method 1
When a Blackboard site is created for you, you will have a module page called Home Page which is what is called a “Module Page” where modules such as Announcements go. If you would prefer using that page, follow these instructions.
  1. On the Home Page, in the top left area, you will see Announcements.

  2. Click on the link More Announcements.

  3. In the top left, click Create Announcement.

  4. Fill in details, information, and title.

  5. Click Submit when done.

Method 2
If you have deleted the Home page link or a previous Module Page or need to create one from scratch, follow these instructions:
  1. In the menu on the left, click the button with the plus symbol inside of it (also known as the Add Menu Item button).

  2. Choose the Module Page option, name it and click Submit.

  3. Go to the Module Page and click the option for Create Module.

  4. In the search field type My Announcements. To the left you will then see “My Announcements” as the only thing listed. Click the Add button.

  5. Go back to the Module Page and, in the Announcements box, click More Announcements.

  6. Click Create Announcement in the top left.

  7. Add the details such as title, information and availability.

  8. Click Submit.

Method 3
  1. In the menu to the left, click the button with the plus symbol inside of it (also known as the Add Menu Item button).

  2. Choose the Tool Link option.

  3. The first choice will be Announcements, fill in the name and click Submit.

  4. Go to the Announcements page you created. Click Create Announcement.

  5. Add in details such as title, information and availability.

  6. Click Submit.

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