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Blackboard: How to Grade an Assignment All at Once (Three methods)

An overview of the the three methods available to grade all assignments at the same time so as to release it for all students at the same time.

Method 1: Use Full Grade Center’s Work Offline Mode

  1. Using the Course Management Menu, choose Full Grade Center.

  2. On the right side of the page, click Work Offline.

  3. A drop down menu will appear. Select Download.

  4. Another page will appear with a variety of options to choose from. Select your options, and click Submit when finished.

  5. On the next page, choose Download. An Excel spreadsheet will download onto your computer.

  6. Open the Excel document and find the column you want to add values to. Add the values and save the document.

  7. Go back to the Full Grade Center and choose Work Offline. Then click Upload.

  8. You will be brought to a page that will ask you whether you want to browse your computer for the file or your content collection. Choose the recently edited Excel file from your computer, then click Submit.

  9. The new grades should now be reflected in your Full Grade Center.

Method 2: Hide the Column From Your Students

  1. Using the Course Management Menu, click Grade Center and select Full Grade Center.

  2. Find the column that you want to hide from your students.

  3. Hover your mouse over the name at the top of the column. An arrow will appear to the right of the title. Click it.

  4. Choose the option Hide from Students (on/off) which will now hide the column from your students.

  5. Enter the grades in the fields for that column.

  6. Once you are done, go back to the title of the column and hover your mouse on it. The arrow will appear again. Click it. Choose the option Hide from Students (on/off).

  7. The grades will now be visible for all of the students.

Method 3: Turn off Grade Availability in the Edit Section of the Assignment

  1. Find the assignment in question.

  2. Hover your mouse over the assignment and an arrow appear to the right of it. Click it.

  3. From the drop down menu that appears, choose Edit.

  4. Go to the Display of Grades section of the Assignment Edit page and make sure the option for Show to Students in My Grades option is checked.

  5. Click Submit once you are done.

  6. To turn it back on, follow the same steps of hovering the mouse over the assignment, clicking the arrow, choosing Edit, going to Display of Grades and checking the box for Show to Students in My Grades option. Click Submit to finalize.

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