Office365: Procedure for Requesting Office365 A La Carte Services

WSU’s educational license provides availability to numerous Office 365 products for Staff and Faculty. However, there are additional products that are available that require specific licensing outside of this enterprise agreement. Currently the only approved applications are Visio, Project, and PowerBI Pro. ITS is working with the Information Technology Services Advisory Council (ITSAC) to determine a process for reviewing and approving additional applications in the future. To allow for usage of these additional products, and the purchase/assignment of appropriate licenses, ITS has implemented the following process for WSU departments to follow.

Basic Process Overview


1.          Each area buys their own licenses through SHI with a copy of each purchase order being sent to ITS.

2.          SHI adds the licenses to the WSU O365 tenant.

3.          ITS updates license totals for each area.

4.          Area delegates add personnel to receive products to their assigned OU group.

5.          ITS script processes the members periodically and provides product availability to OU group members.

6.          ITS audits the license numbers and ensures totals match orders.



Specific Process Steps


Process Step





1.       Purchase Licenses

Each department purchases licenses for their users in Office 365 for services that are not covered by the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.


2 H

Yearly for each new FY

2.       Update license count

The ATO informs ITS of new licenses purchased and provides proof of purchase.  ITS records that proof of purchase and updates an attribute on the department’s group with the integer value of the total licenses they have purchased.


Department & ITS

1 H

As needed

3.       Self-Provisioning

The department adds and removes users from their delegated group to manage the additional services they have licensed.  The department cannot over license WSU’s tenant since each delegated group has a pre-defined limit for licensing.  It’s up to the department to ensure that they have the appropriate number of licenses or not all their users will be provisioned.


15 M

As needed







4.       Audit licenses

ITS maintains the area license totals for each product, updates the licensing script, and performs yearly audits on the licenses per department to determine if the script numbers are accurate and still match the last proof of purchase supplied by the department



5 H

Yearly or as requested


Process Notes and Limitations


1.       All licenses are for no more than one year and must end on June 30 each year.  Licenses must be re-purchased for the subsequent fiscal year beginning on August 1st.

2.       ITS delegates out management of group membership to a set of ITS controlled groups per participating department that represents the department’s licensed users for that service.

3.       ITS writes a provisioning script to read the membership of each group, up to the pre-defined limit, and adds the appropriate license to the Azure AD users defined in the group.

4.       Some of the shortcomings to this solution are listed below.

·             This is not a solution that would cover all additional licensing scenarios; it will only cover licenses that would fit into an a la carte user based licensing and not conflict with our planned licensing for Office 365 users.  It should be able to work for PowerBI Pro, Visio, and Project.

·              This solution does not provide an accurate list of all users licensed for an Office 365 service, just the list of users that the department wanted licensed the last time they updated the group membership.  The licensing status of users can be accessed programmatically from Office 365.

·              This solution is not based around role changes or tied into the IDM solution.


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